Mobility Training - iOS

  • Introduction

The Mobility training workshop is designed to be an interactive and hands-on practical experience rather than just a regular training program. It aims to mold you into a real app developer. Each workshop is customized and will be situation-based. The overall knowledge of the group will determine the content flow in a session. As a result, all topics will be covered in every workshop; the order in which they will be covered may vary.

This workshop promises to be the best starting point for your app development career and it will create the perfect launch pad for you. It will enable you to explore and identify the right resources and tools to be a successful app developer in a short span of time.

We will help you follow the road-map to being a great developer!

What will you gain through this workshop?

By the end of our workshop, you will be able to:

  • 1. Understand the Apple development process
  • 2. Design and Develop app for iPhone and iPad
  • 3. Walk away with lots of materials to become a successful Apple Engineer
  • 4. Find out right resources and materials in the web to make your app rich in visuals and user experience
    • Workshop Details

      Date: October 12th & 13th October 2013

      Time: 9:00 am - 5:30pm

      Venue: Madras Management Association, 21/11, 3rd Cross Street, Seethammal Extn., Teynampet, Chennai 600 018

      Cost: Rs. 7305 per person / Groups of 5pax or more - Rs. 6740 per person


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      Course Content

      • Why mobility
        • 1. Gartner report
        • 2. Mobile app developers have equal opportunity as big players and market is open for all
        • 3. Chance to become very successful you can't even imagine
        • 4. Nobody can escape from mobility, because it is extended development to an existing enterprise app or new enterprise app
        • 5. Mobile Web, Native, Hybrid apps. HTML 5 in a glance
      • Understand the iOS devices from the developer perspective
        • 1. Appstore market
        • 2. Device variants - iPads, iPhones, iPods
        • 3. Development environment
        • 4. XCode
        • 5. Design tools, icons, images, etc.,
      • Understand the apps from user perspective
        • 1. Walkthrough of an iPhone app from user and developer perspective
        • 2. Walkthrough of an iPad app from user and developer perspective
      • Design, User Experience
        • 1. Understand how iOS devices are used in real life
        • 2. Understand visuals, gestures, common patterns of UI design
      • Intro as iOS developer
        • 1. iOS - it is based on Unix. No more scary of command line, it is small and easy to learn. Architecture, Cocoa touch, First and best touch technology
        • 2. XCode - How to, Interface Builder, Navigators, Property Inspectors, Debug Windows
        • 3. Project structure
        • 4. What are the .h and .m files anyway
        • 5. Objective - C, Message based language evolved from SmallTalk with funny method syntax. Looks it is very different from C#, VB.NET, Java. But wait we will help you to understand easily. Once understand you will love it better than other programming languages you know
        • 6 .What are the Frameworks available for me and how to use them
        • 7. What is UIKit
        • 8. Look at the in-built controls just for introduction. Can you build a very rich app using them? No. So just get introduction and wait for custom UI creation lesson.
        • 9. Why most of the classes prefix with NS. NS is for NextStep, Steve Jobs another company that is the base for iPhone…
        • 10. We will teach you most of the classes NSURLConnection, NSXMLParser, NS…, etc.,
      • Next step as developer
        • Create app from project template and understand boiler plate code
        • 1. Anatomy of the project
        • 2. App life cycle
        • 3. MVC pattern
        • 4. Memory management, ARC
        • 5. Views, Views and Views
        • 6. View Controller to deal with view, UINanigationController, UITableViewController, UISplitViewController
        • 7. How can I store and retrieve data, SQLite, Core Data
        • 8. How can I access Web services, Parse XML, JSON, etc.,
        • 9. Security - Sandbox security, No piracy possible in iOS
      • Becoming a real developer
        • 1. Yes we are opening up source code from our Apps. But remember it is only a portion :)
        • 2. Understand quickly what is the problem we are trying to solve and design and development approach of Tekcharts, Expense Nova, Portal Surface
        • 3. Sample from Portal Surface - Teaches you SQLite, UITableViewController real time sample and Core Data version too.
        • 4. Sample from Expense Nova - Teaches you about Custom views, UITableViewController, Rich UI experience
      • Appstore process
        • 1. Developer account, Provisioning profile, build, archive and distribute